Friday, July 13, 2012

DIY: Hair Chalking

Last week, Miss Heather and I attempted to do an activity we have been wanting to do for a while, hair chalking. We tried to do it once before and it proved to be very unsuccessful. We don't understand what went wrong! However, we were willing to give it another try and it worked!

Don't know what hair chalking is? Well, let me tell you!
Hair chalking is temporarily putting colored streaks into your hair by using chalk pastels.
*And when I say temporarily, I mean it's REALLY temporary, mine only lasted about 5-6 hours.*
The benefit of hair chalking is to put a little color in your hair without having to actually dye, bleach or make it permanent. This really appeals to me because I always want to put a little color in my hair but I am actually terrified to put any sort of chemical dye into it.

Below are steps on how to *successfully* hair chalk your hair.

One box of Sargent Colored Drawing Chalk found at Hobby Lobby for $5.99
*It's extremely important that you do not use oil pastels on your hair! They will make your hair greasy and won't work for this project!*
A cup of water
Old t-shirt

Step One:
Miss Mel before hair chalking her hair.
 Select the colors of chalk you want to use on your hair.
A word of advice, I used about 4 different colors and since my hair is so dark, I found that purple, blue, green and pink worked best with my hair color. If your hair is a lighter color, any color should work!

Step Two:
Take the piece of chalk you have selected and dip into your glass of water to get the chalk wet and soft. 

Step Three: 
Take your now wet chalk and select a thin strand of hair to begin rubbing the chalk up and down on. This will allow the color to rub off onto your hair. 
Repeat this with as many colors and as much hair as you choose!

Step Four:
Allow for your hair to dry and you're all set!

 Side Notes:
I ended up curling my hair with my straighter and it allowed the color to really set in. 
Also, if you're worried about the color coming off onto your clothes, don't be!
The dye really didn't even come off when I was coloring it and I'm wearing a white shirt!
(Thanks Miss Heather for letting me borrow it!)
However, I will say the color came off on my hands but washed right off! 

I took a shower the next morning and it all came right of my hair!

I was successfully a chick with crazy colored hair for a night!

What do you think? Will you give this a try?

-Miss Mel and Miss Heather


Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

Oh, this is so cute!

Ellen said...

My hair has had pink in it since monday night ... it is now friday! and i've washed it twice. Okay so maybe that's a little gross that i've only washed my hair twice since then but I washed it monday night before the chalk too! Anyway my point is you can make this the pink still remains...Linda says if it doesn't come out I have to pay to have it fixed lol but i'm not worried about it. It's fading slowly.

Stela Dimitrov said...

To Ellen, if it still doesn't come off the next time you try hair chalking, there’s an easier way to get rid of the color. Just use dish soap on the colored part and you’ll be all set. Use shampoo and conditioner afterwards so the smell of the detergent will disappear. And to Miss Mel and Miss Heather, I’m so glad that you discovered the joy of this trend!

Stela Dimitrov