Thursday, May 17, 2012

DIY: Cloth Hem

Do you guys ever have that pair of jeans that fits great on the top but the bottom is either the wrong cut or too short? Well I have and I decided now would be the perfect time to turn my pants into shorts! I mean all I want is the top half so why can't I just use what I want? Instead of just cutting my jeans and having them fray to pieces I decided to hem them with some leftover cloth I had. Also I like the idea of jazzing up my plain jeans with a little color! Here's what I did!

Supplies I used:
Pair of jeans
Needle and thread (sewing machine)
Cloth for the hem (preferably cotton)

1. I put my jeans on to help me decide where exactly I wanted them to end. When I decided what a good length was I took my marker and dotted the cut-off point so I would know where to cut them. 
2. I pinned the legs together so that when I cut the legs they would be even. Uneven leg lengths is not a trend I sport or support.

3. Next I cut two strips of cotton fabric. Make sure the strips are long enough to wrap around the rim of your legs and then a little overlap space.

4. On one side of the strip of fabric I folded it over and sewed the length of it. I wanted a more finished feel to the fabric instead of loose unraveling fabric.

5. I pinned the sewn side of fabric around the rim of each pant leg on the outside. I pinned it about an inch from the bottom and tucked the rest on the inside making sure to pin the inside fabric as well to make it easier when sewing.

6. I sewed the fabric onto the jeans along the same line I made in step 4. Just for a more stylish look and a little more security I went down between a quarter and half an inch from the first line and sewed around the rim of the legs again.
Then you're done and you can wear your new shorts!

These have turned into some of my favorite shorts and it took me less then two hours to make them! Instead of throwing away your clothes you should always see if altering it some way may make it wearable again!

-Miss Mel and Miss Heather


Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

They look so cute :).

Anonymous said...

This is genius!!!