Monday, April 23, 2012

DIY: Scrapbook Paper iPhone Case

Hey everyone I hope you had a great weekend! I know I did, it was spent crafting! Some projects including gifts for our very  own Miss Mel, she's dying to know what I'm made but her birthday isn't for almost another month. I'll be sharing those later but I can share with you something I was talking about just last week. I found the idea for using scrapbook paper and clear iPhone cases on Pinterest and loved it! I decided it had to be done and here's how:

Scrapbook paper
Scissors and exacto knife
Thick construction paper

1. First I traced my phone shape on thick construction paper for a template I could use for the real ones. I put the template inside the clear case so I could trace the hole for the camera.  
2. I used the template and traced on the backside of the scrapbook paper making sure to put the hole on the  right side. Next step is to just cut them out!
3. Here are the cut-out products!

 I am in love with this idea and can't wait to make more! It was super easy and inexpensive. You should definitely try it out if you're like me and can't make a decision to save your life. Hope you guys enjoyed this and have a great week!

-Miss Mel and Miss Heather

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Sugar Muffin... said...

This is gorgeous!! Love the checked colourful phone case, beautiful!! xxx