Tuesday, February 21, 2012

DIY: Headphone wraps!

Hey friends its time for a new crafty! So I can't actually take credit for this idea but it's so adorable I had to share it. I was in class the other day and saw that someone had done a simple friendship bracelet wrap on her headphones. So obviously I had wrap my own. It's really simple and easy but will take a good deal of patience. 
Supplies needed:
1. For my wrap I used four strings so when I got to the split in the cord I would be able to have two different colors leading up to the ear buds. You will need at least two for the split reason but you can do as many as you would like. You'll need a lot of string, I tripled the length of my headphones for each color of string.
2. Now take each of the ends and knot them at the base of the chord.
Like so:

3. Next tape your knot to a stable surface, it's going to be there for awhile.
4. Now we get onto the longest part, doing the Chinese staircase knot all the way up the chord.
5. When I got to the split in the chord I tied a little knot on each strand just to prevent any unraveling. Like so:
Then I just repeated step 4 to the ear buds. You also may want to readjust the tape holding down your headphones.
6. Now to end it! I tied the two strings together a few times around the chord and then knotted them together.
Like so:

Then you're done! Doesn't it look super cool?
Now that you know how easy it is you've got to do it yourself!

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