Wednesday, February 6, 2013

DIY: Valentine's Day Countdown

So to elaborate on Miss Mel's post from Monday, I have to add my own Valentine's Day gift idea. Well I guess this was more of a countdown to "Love Day". Since my boyfriend and I don't live in the same town I thought I would send him some fun little lovey notes. For every day until Valentine's Day I sent him a little note telling him a reason why I love him! (Yes I know it sounds quite sappy but if you knew us, you'd know the notes were quite opposite) I made little pocket cards to hold his notes and then mailed them to him!

Card stock
Embroidery needle

Step One:
Measure 14 square/rectangles smaller than your envelopes out of your card stock. Cut them out. once you're finished with the card stock, do the same with the fabric.

Step Two:
First you need to thread your yarn through the embroidery needle. Next sew the fabric to three sides of the card stock. Tie a knot at either end and cut off the extras. That fourth, unsewn or open, side will be where you slide in your love notes!

Step Three:
Write out your love notes for each day. *I didn't think a picture would be needed, since you should probably know aht you love about that certain someone if your making one of these!*

Step Four:
All that is left is slip your notes inside and label each card for a certain day! Since I was mailing these across the state I put each card in an envelope and sent them on their way!

I made these up as a surprise, so I put this up after he had already started receiving his little love notes. But these little pocket cards are a great idea for any sort of event where you want to jazz up a hand written card!

-Miss Mel and Miss Heather

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