Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hey There Weekend!

It's the weekend already!? This week went by super fast!
However, I'm pretty glad that it did. It means that I can go out to a sports bar with friends and watch the Olympics! As I told Miss Heather this morning, "nothing says having a good time like eating and drinking while watching other people exercise!" She told me that I sounded like an eCard and maybe that's a good

What are your plans for this weekend?

Picture Quote of the week
I think this describes the relationship Miss Heather and I have as well as, the relationships we have with our boyfriends...haha!

Miss Heather and I find this blog hysterical.
*As found on A Cup of Jo*

I bought these Toms last weekend when I was visiting Miss Heather.
EEE I love them!

This swimsuit is beautiful!

For all of you St. Louis folks out there, LouFest is just a couple of weeks away!
You should get a ticket now because it's gonna be awesome!

A few days ago, Tom and I went to see Moonrise Kingdom and it was adorable.
This was my favorite part.

Have a good weekend!

-Miss Mel and Miss Heather

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