Monday, October 29, 2012

Miss Mel's Halloween Costume!

I hope everyone had a fun pre-Halloween weekend!
I know Miss Heather and I certainly did! 

This year for Halloween, I was Iron Woman!
Now, I know there technically isn't an Iron Woman but I decided to take the Iron Man costume and make my own version of the comic!
"Iron Man"

As a group, we were all "The Avengers"!

Tom was Hawk-Eye, Ochs was The Hulk, Tj was Captain America, Kaitlyn was Thor and Kim was Black Widow. Everyone worked really hard on their costumes and it paid off! We got second place in the costume contest!

Here's how to make your own "Iron Woman" costume.

I took the red and gold theme of Iron Man's suit and ran with it!


Gold Leggings from Forever 21 for $12
Red T-shirt from Hobby Lobby for $3
Red Elbow-Length Gloves at Target for $5
Gold Headband from American Apparel for $6
2 yards of Gold Fabric from JoAnn's for $6
(I tied this fabric around my waist as a sash for a more "comic book" look)
Optional: Red Cowboy Boots!

Tom, my boyfriend who is an electrical engineer, made my Arc Reactor chest piece which he attached to my shirt using velcro. It was amazing! It's definitely the reason why we got in the top three in the costume contest! The light was blinding and I even had a switch in my glove to make it brighter!
Special thanks to Tom for making it for me! I loved it!
Unfortunately, I am not an electrical engineer and I have no way of explaining how to make your own! However, for those who need a quick alternative, I suggest using glow sticks to make a Arc Reactor. 

 Two more days until Halloween!
Make sure you check out tomorrow's post to see how Miss Heather made her costume!

-Miss Mel and Miss Heather


Anonymous said...

This turned out so cute!

Miss Mel said...

Thank you!!