Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Have you guys heard of the new ABC show "Nashville"? I've seen countless billboards, commercials and very advertisements trying to get fans to support their new drama. Well, it worked for me!
 The television drama revolves around a country music iconic facing being upstaged by a younger, country-pop singer. Think, "Country Strong" but as a television show. It stars Connie Britton from "Friday Night Lights" (another one of my favorite television shows) and "American Horror Story", Hayden Panettiere from "Heroes",Powers Boothe from "24" and Charles Esten from "Big Love".   
"Nashville" premieres tonight on ABC at 10/9c.
Are you going to watch? I am! Let us know what you think!
-Miss Mel and Miss Heather

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Ellen said...

So excited for this show!