Thursday, November 8, 2012

DIY: Cinnamon Stick Votive

Have you thought of any DIY gifts for this holiday season yet?
Well here's one that takes less than 10 minutes to do, looks festive and smells like Christmas.
Sounds like the best craft ever!

Below are my steps on how to make your own Cinnamon Stick Votive.
Hot Glue Gun
Small Glass Candle Votive
Tea light Candles
Cinnamon Sticks
*Tip* I found huge containers of cinnamon sticks at a global food store for less than $6!
Rubber Bands
1-2 Bundles of Raffia

Step One
Grab a votive and a rubber band and wrap the rubber band around once.
Don't worry that it's loose because the cinnamon sticks you put in will make it tighter.

Step Two
Begin placing cinnamon sticks in-between the rubber band and the votive.

Continue this until cinnamon sticks are completely around the glass.

Step Three
Using your hot glue gun, place a thin line of glue onto of the rubber band and begin to attach the raffia. The raffia should cover up the rubber band.

Step Four
Once you've gone all around the votive, take your ends and make a double knot.

*You might have to use your hot glue gun to make sure the ends don't stick out. *

Step Five
Cut the ends of your raffia to your desired length and place a tea light inside the votive.

Step Six
Display your work!
Don't they look awesome? Get ready friends because I know I'll be handing these out at Christmas.

Have fun crafting!

-Miss Mel and Miss Heather

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