Monday, November 12, 2012


This past Saturday, Tom and I decided to make the drive down to Springfield, MO to surprise Miss Heather and it actually worked! I am terrible at keeping secrets so I've never been able to successfully surprise anyone. I have a "lie laugh" and it just gives all of my secret plotting away! We stopped in at her work and she paused, looked confused and then put it all together. Victory! We spent the whole day browsing vintage stores like "Red Velvet", getting yummy cupcakes, causing chaos wherever we went, putting Sass into boots and topped it all off with a sushi dinner!

Miss Heather and Sass in Boots, Tom and Miss Heather at "The Cup" and Miss Heather being a creep while I try on this gown at "Red Velvet".

I miss her already!

-Miss Mel and Miss Heather

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