Monday, November 26, 2012

DIY: Glitter Mason Jars

I'm excited to share with you another fabulous DIY project perfect for the holidays!
My mom and I created these Glitter Mason Jars last week and they add such a festive spirit to our house!

Here's how to make your own. 

Step One
Gather supplies.
You'll need a jar of ModPodge, Mason Jars (I got a set of 12 for under $10 at WalMart), Paintbrush, Ribbon, Glitter in various colors, Shoe Box,Tea Light Candles and a Matte Top-Coat Spray.  

Step Two
Take your paintbrush and coat your mason jar, minus the rim, with ModPodge.

Step Three
Choose a glitter color and shake over the mason jar.
I did this step over a shoe box to conserve glitter and not make a mess.

Step Four
Shake off any excess glitter and set your mason jar aside to dry.

Step Five
After about 15 minutes, spray your mason jar with the matte top-coat spray.
I would suggest doing this in a well ventilated area or outside.
This prevents the glitter from falling off!

Step Six
Tie your ribbon around the rim and you're done!

Have fun crafting!

-Miss Mel and Miss Heather

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