Monday, September 10, 2012

Do or Don't: Leather

One of the new Fall '12 fashion trends is leather.
I'm talking, leather dresses, leather skirts, leather pants, jackets, gloves, you name it and they probably have it in leather.

Agnes Sokolowska by Massimo Pamparana for IO Donna
Dress by Agnes Sokolowska by Massimo Pamparana for IO Donna

I've never really been a huge fan of leather myself until I found this faux (that's fancy *or French* for fake) leather jacket at Forever 21 two years ago *see photo*. It suddenly became my go-to going out jacket and I instantly felt 100x cooler. I don't know why but leather has that effect on people.

Miss Mel wearing my beloved Forever 21 "faux leather" jacket and my friend, Sarah, rocking leather jeggings.
This picture was taken in 2009 so we were way ahead of the trend! Hah!

So I started thinking, would I attempt to wear a leather dress or would I just look like a wannabe biker chick?

I have to ask, is leather a do or a don't?

Image 1 of ASOS Premium Skirt in Pleated Leather
ASOS Premium Skirt in Pleated Leather
CO Vegan Leather Peplum Tank Top at Urban Outfitters

Emma Stone wearing a black-leather sheath dress at last week's VMA's.
I love her in this dress!

Image 1 of ASOS Leather Shorts
ASOS Leather Shorts

leather leather leather
Leather Jacket and Pants as found on Pinterest

Ashely Madekwe wearing a purple leather skirt and a bright yellow leather clutch.

Readers, Miss Heather and I want to know what you think of the trend. Have we given you inspiration to rock that leather dress or do feel like this is a trend that never should have surfaced?
Let us know!

-Miss Mel and Miss Heather

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