Friday, April 27, 2012

Tie-dye Fun!

Hey all I'm going to share with you something Miss Mel and I absolutely love to do every summer, tie-dye! We try and do it at least once every year because we always find fun new things that would look beyond cool tie-dyed. I feel like you always start off with the traditional white T-shirt but after that it's time to get creative! We have dyed sweaters, over-sized tees, socks and even boxers! Well this time I decided to dye a sports bra and a male's undershirt, like I said you have to do the traditional white T-shirt.

Supplies you'll need:
Something white to be dyed
Tie-dying kit
Gloves (if your kit doesn't include enough for the group)
Plastic bags

1. The first step is to fold your "something white" in the shape you want it to be dyed in rubber bands. I found this chart that tells you how to fold to get a desired look. I'm not too fancy and always default to the spiral technique, it's the very traditional look when you see tie-dyed shirts.
2. Next step is dying your rubber banded "something white" . I recommend doing it outside but this time some friends and I did it inside. What we did was lay down newspaper then cut up plastic trash bags over the newspaper.
Tie-dying with friends is so much fun!
3. Make sure you use gloves or you'll end up dying your hands, the dye will stay for 1-2 days so it's not the end of the world but you'll get some strange looks and people might think you have a disease.
I like to think this looks like the happiest murder scene, a rainbow massacre if you will!
4. After you sufficiently soaked your cloth in dye the next step is to put it in a plastic bag to dry. They don't have to dry completely when you take your cloth out of the bag and rubber bands just make sure you have somewhere to let it dry where you won't be upset if it gets a wee bit stained.

Here is our finished project! Don't they look lovely?

Well that was a ton of fun. I should have said the first step to tie-dying is finding a group of friends to do it with! This was my first time doing a tie-dye indoors and it went off without a hitch! I'm sure Miss Mel and I will be doing a fun tie-dying project this summer. What kind of fun different things have you tie-dyed? We'd love to know!

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