Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer Beauty

I think it's safe to say that now it is officially summertime!

With it being 90 degrees + all the time in Missouri, my summer beauty regiment is a pretty drastic change from what I normally do during the other three seasons. 
Below I am listing some of my favorite sweat-proof and tan rocking beauty products that hopefully you can try out and enjoy as well!

I use this every time I get out the shower, especially after being in the sun all day. It makes your skin feel like a dream and makes it glisten without being too greasy.

I put this in my hair all year round but in the summer when it's scorching outside and you don't want to use a blow-dryer on your hair, all you have to do is spray this into your hair, brush it out and you are good to go! My hair always dries perfectly, smells great and is never frizzy with this spray. Perfect for battling the humidity!

I recently started using this foundation as a change up from my Bare Minerals. My only reasoning is because sometimes my Bare Minerals make-up feels so heavy in the summertime and I literally feel like it's melting off my face. Therefore, I tried out CoverGirl's AquaSmooth Foundation which hydrates your face while wearing it and even goes on feeling "cold".

This lip balm is a serious miracle worker. I think a lot of people forget their lips can get just as sunburned as the rest of their bodies and thus, forget how important SPF lip balm can be. Whenever I use mine, I instantly feel like it's summertime. 

Yes, I know I'm not a baby but baby sunscreen is always the best! It's 100% natural, fragrance free, hypoallergenic, oil-free and water-resistant. I even recommend wearing under make-up to prevent your make-up from sweating off on super hot days. 

Now, I'm sure there will be one point during these summer months where you will get a sunburn and this stuff will be your best friend. It has coca and shea butter and will heal your poor, poor skin. It's also 100% all-natural and smells great!

What are some of your favorite summer beauty products? We'd love to know and try them out for ourselves!

-Miss Mel and Miss Heather

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