Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DIY: Memory Booklet

This past weekend was Miss Mel's birthday and I made her a booklet of fun memories from this past year! I chose to do 22 memories from the past year to ring her in her 22nd birthday. Making the book was super fun and easy and I'll show you how to make one for your friends or family!

Supplies I used:
Card stock
Fabric (I used cotton)
Pictures for the memories
Needle and thread, or sewing machine
Hole punch

1. First thing I did was cut out 23 5in by 5in squares of card stock , 22 for the memories and one for the cover of the booklet. Then I numbered 22 of the squares and labeled the title page.
2. With the "scraps" of the card stock I cut for the big squares I cut out 22 smaller squares to write down a memory on each one.

3. Next I hole punched each page, one near the top and one at the bottom on the left side.
4. Next I cut 22 4in by 5in squares out of the fabric to sew to the back of the numbered pages. I chose three different kinds of fabric to use, sticking to a bit of a turquoise, brown and white color scheme.

5. This next step I recommend using a sewing machine instead of a needle and thread just because this will be time consuming. I sewed one fabric patch to the back of each numbered page. I left the top open so that the fabric formed a pocket. Make sure that whatever side you have the hole punches on are left exposed! That's why I made the patches smaller than the pages.

6. Next step is to slip all the memory cards and pictures into each "pocket".
7. Take your yarn and tape the end to make it easy to slip through all the holes. I tied the yarn in bows to make it a little more decorative. Then you're done!

Now I did this as a birthday present but it could be for other things like an anniversary or graduation gift! Anything you want it to be! Hope you enjoyed my present! What are some of your favorite memories?

-Miss Mel and Miss Heather

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