Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Weekend!!

Hey all just wanted to share that today is my best friend Miss Mel's 22nd birthday!! Miss Mel and I are basically sisters since we have known each other our whole lives. As Miss Mel may have already said we met through our mothers who were pregnant with us at the same time. I was born only a few months before her so we like to think that I was the hospital when Miss Mel came into this world so we've been besties since birth. Kind of a big deal. 

So with any birthday we have our traditions.
Every year for Miss Mel's birthday it sort of turns into a spa day, this year we got manicures and pedicures!

Another tradition is getting all pretty and going out with either just each other or all our friends and family! This is one picture from last night when we celebrated Miss Mel and Tom's birthday!

One more tradition we also always follow is crafting part of our gifts to each other. I don't have any pictures up just yet but that's only because Miss Mel hasn't gotten her gifts yet! Today we're going to have a lovely brunch to celebrate her birthday where yet another tradition will show it's face. This would be the one where we tell the birthday how she's getting old and that her hovercraft will be any day now. We're just so funny! 

Happy Birthday Miss Mel! I know you're going to have a wonderful day but really how could you not? There will be cake! I love you so much!

-Miss Mel and Miss Heather

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Miss Mel said...

AWWW so sweet!!!