Monday, January 23, 2012

Hair How-To:Braids

No longer reserved for little girls, Princess Leia, milkmaids or Heidi, braids are back and anyone can pull them off!

Here are a few braided hairstyles I adore and a couple of tutorials that I have used myself!
Miss Heather rocking the side braid.
Blake Lively with a pretty fishtail braid.

Mary-Kate Olsen with milkmaid braids.

Miss Mel's Braided Headband
First step is to part your hair and pull the front pieces forward while pulling the rest of your hair into a (temporary) ponytail. Second step to is to french braid two,thin braids on each side of your head, working your way towards the back. Third step is to tie each braid with a small, elastic band. Fourth step is to bring both braids back behind your head and secure with bobby pins and/or a claw clip.

Special thanks to Monsieur Tom for creating this picture panel!

 The Boho Braid
Perfect for a running errands or a casual dinner with friends.

The Braided Bun
This elegant bun would look beautiful with a fancy party dress!

The Side Braid
Simple and easy-to-do a.k.a. perfect for any time!

Milk-Maid Braids
Create two small braids coming out from the side of your head and then cross each braid over the opposite side. Secure with bobby-pins and hairspray...lots and lots of hairspray! You can also add the bouffant look (as featured in the picture below) by teasing up the crown of your head and making a low bun.

Fishtail Braid
To create the oh-so-tricky fishtail braid view the video above featuring Lauren Conrad.
Try a new hairstyle, try a braid!
-Miss Mel and Miss Heather

P.S. A How-To: Curl Your Hair With A Straighter video featuring Miss Mel coming soon!

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