Thursday, February 2, 2012


Miss Mel and I have always been obsessed with nail polish, so obviously when O.P.I. came out with their Shatter line I HAD to have it! I only have the black as of right now but that's because I've found it looks great with most colors, which I demonstrate in my pictures below. The basic concept of Shatter is that you paint a base coat of some color then paint the Shatter over your nails. The Shatter goes on like any other nail polish but when you give it a few seconds to dry it starts to "crackle" or "shatter". ( I mean it's named shatter for a reason!)
I made a little tutorial just in case you were still a little lost!
1. Choose a color you would like to be your background color. Paint your nails with that color and let them dry completely.
2. Next is the fun part! Paint the Shatter over your nails in one thin layer. This is important because if you do it too thick or try to keep painting over the same spot you will not get the desired "crackle" effect.
3. Next step watch as your nails transform and enjoy!
My favorite part has to be how it looks as if I went to a salon to get this done but it was as all done in one stroke. Now you need to head to your closest O.P.I. distributor and pick up your very own bottle of shatter and try it out! I think I may be gifting myself the silver very soon...

-Miss Mel and Miss Heather

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