Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DIY: Scrapbook Frames

After working on my ModPodge Name Sign it gave me the inspiration to spruce up my bedroom. Therefore, another crafting project! Below are steps on how to recreate my DIY: Scrapbook Frames.

 One bottle of ModPodge (I used the glossy kind)
A Paintbrush
Exacto-Knife and Cutting Board
Your choice of either;framed mirrors (what I used), cork boards, posterboard,canvas or any item you can/want to cover
Your choice of either; scrapbook paper (what I used), fabric or paint

My set of five "antiqued" mirrors I found for sale at Hobby Lobby!
The scrapbook paper and exacto-knife I used.
Step One
*Side Note* Since I used framed mirrors and scrapbook paper for mine that's what I will be referring to throughout the directions. However, this craft can easily be modified for any kind of frame, cork, poster board or fabric as I listed earlier.

Decide which piece of scrapbook paper you intend on using for each frame.

Step Two
Take your first frame and piece of scrapbook paper and using your ruler measure out where you will need to cut.
Since I couldn't remove my mirrors, I had to cut EXACTLY where the mirror ended on the frame. This was definitely the hardest part of my project. However, if you can remove the back or are able to wrap your covering all the way around your object this should be a simple step.
My first frame, selected scrapbook paper, exacto-knife and cutting board.
Step Three
Take your marked scrapbook paper and using your exacto-knife and cutting board, carefully cut along your marked increments to get the size of paper you will need to cover your mirror. 

You want to make sure that no part of your mirror is showing so if this takes a couple tries, don't stress, you can always put a thin strip of paper behind it and no one will know the difference.
*It also might be beneficial to buy a little more scrapbook paper than you need. Just in case!*
My mom diligently making sure the measurements are correct!

Step Four
After you are satisfied with the sizing of your scrapbook paper, take your paint brush and place a thin layer of ModPodge on your mirror and back of the scrapbook paper. Place the ModPodge'd scrapbook paper onto the mirror, using your fingers to smooth out any rough spots.
My first two completed frames!

Step Five
Wait at least 2-3 hours to allow your ModPodge to dry completely and hang your completed mirrors anywhere you please!
These are my completed frames hanging on the wall above my bed!

-Miss Mel and Miss Heather


Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS IDEA!!!! those frames are very cool.

Miss Mel said...

Thanks! It was really simple to do too!