Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hobby Lobby!

Hobby Lobby, also known as crafting heaven. For those of you don't know what this beautiful store is it is a crafting superstore. They have everything from scrap-booking to fabric to picture frames! You want to make your own candles? Your clasp on your bracelet broke? Just need some markers? Go here!
I've really enjoyed using their yarn, but not just for knitting. I've used yarn instead of using plain string to hang many things up.
Their fabric selection is amazing. Sometimes I like to buy patterned cotton fabric and cut it into strips for an impromptu headband. Miss Mel and I have made many blankets by buying two large equal sized pieces of fleece fabric and tying them together (More on that at a later date!). They're super easy!
If you don't feel like making something they have cute boxes that all you have to do is decorate!
There are definitely times I'm not feeling the crafty vibe and that's when I can head to their home accents section of the store where they have things to decorate your home. There are things from wall art to lampshades to throw pillows!
I love going to Hobby Lobby! Even if I have nothing planned out, I walk in there and without fail inspiration hits me. Have fun crafting!

-Miss Mel and Miss Heather

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