Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Do or Don't:False Eyelashes

Story time! 
A couple New Year's ago, Miss Heather and I attempted to wear false eyelashes we had purchased from Sephora. 
See! We looked cool, right? The false eyelashes would've only contributed
to our glorious outfits!
I'm still bitter....hah!

We were super pumped to wear them and literally couldn't stop talking about how awesome it was, seriously, we were annoying excited. Finally, New Year's Eve came and it was time to roll out all the stops with our eyelashes. We took them out the box, sloppily and haphazardly put them on our eyelids (it's hard okay!) and looked in the mirror. We looked ridiculous. No, worse than ridiculous. We looked like we belonged in some sort of wacked out circus act. We couldn't believe it, all of our excitement and anticipation for nothing. We couldn't figure out what could have possibly gone wrong, well after a few years of reflection, I know what went wrong.

Problem Number One: We had never worn or even tried to put on false eyelashes before. 
Problem Number Two:We had no idea how to style them when they were on our eyelids. Thus, resulting in us ripping them off immediately.
Problem Number Three:We bought maybe the most ridiculous pairs. I'm pretty sure that one, instead of eyelashes, they were supposed to be was cool at the time, I swear!
*Which reminds me that Papershelf has recently come out with a line of crazy, cool false eyelashes and if your into that sort of thing, you should check them out!*
Well, after all those years of being afraid to try false eyelashes, the time has come for Miss Mel to attempt to wear some again!
I found these awesome tutorials that will *hopefully*make my next trip down false eyelash road much more enjoyable!

To learn how to apply individual eyelashes watch:

To learn how to apply an entire strip of eyelash watch:

I bought these

and I plan to wear them at Miss Heather's birthday extravaganza this upcoming weekend.
Wish me luck!

I shall do an "after" post to let you all know how it went!

-Miss Mel and Miss Heather

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