Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DIY: Bracelets

So Miss Mel talked about arm parties already but I just wanted to share a few fun and easy ways to make your arm party happen with bracelets you made all by yourself!

These are all bracelets we made!

The first bracelet, on the left, called a woven chain bracelet is something we found on Pinterest and adapted to make it our own but here's the directions and what their bracelet looked like:

The next one, second to the left, (blue, green and yellow) was made out of colored hemp that I love to use! Its a simple diagonal friendship bracelet and here's how to make one for yourself!

The black bracelet, or third from the left, is called a wrap bracelet and here's where we learned how to make it! Here is another tutorial I really enjoyed on similar bracelets.

The last bracelet is another colored hemp one that I did using the half hitch- double knot technique. Pictured below are the directions for this one!

Hope you guys learned how to make some fun new bracelets! What's your favorite type of bracelet to wear/make? We love learning about new and inventive bracelets to make!

-Miss Mel and  Miss Heather

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