Monday, June 11, 2012

Style Icon: Lauren Conrad

Some know her as a reality television star on shows like, "Laguna Beach" and "The Hills", while others might know her as the brain behind, "The Beauty Department" website and videos, while others might her know her as the New York Times bestselling author of "L.A. Candy" and three other novels as well as, a personal style book that I love, while others might know her for her kickass website or clothing line. Yep, I'm talking about Lauren Conrad, or L.C. 
*as she is known by her super BFF' me...*
Lauren as featured in "Glamour" magazine.
 Out of all of her titles, I think what she is most know for is her personal style.
I basically am obsessed with Lauren and I know our good friend, Ellen, is too. Just the other day I told her how very "Lauren Conrad" her ensemble looked and it was like I had just told her that she won the lottery.

My explanation of Lauren's style is she has the classic All-American girl look with a dash of bohemian thrown in there. 
a.k.a. what I want my style to be

Below are some my favorite of Lauren's looks:

Photo spread from her book "Style".
At the VMA's in 2008 in a killer white dress.
Love the outfit and her hair. ugh, it looks so cool!
Even getting ready she looks awesome!
Love the maxi skirt and her combo of neutrals!
This is too adorable! I want this outfit!
What do you think? Do you love L.C's style as much as I do? Do you secretly wish "The Hills" was still on? There's always Netflix!

-Miss Mel and Miss Heather

You can find Lauren's website here. 
You can find "The Beauty Department's" website here
I would HIGHLY recommend checking both of them out. They both have great DIY tutorials and Lauren's website even has etiquette and style tips!

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