Thursday, June 14, 2012

DIY: iPad Envelope

I really liked this bloggers idea on iPad or notebook sleeve and tweaked it to come up with this cute iPad envelope "sleeve"! Here's how I made it!

Outside fabric (I used cotton)
Inside Fabric (I used fleece)
Sewing machine and needle and thread
Elastic string

1. First I measured the iPad and drew a rectangle onto my fabric. With my ruler I measured out the flaps attaching to the rectangle.

2. I cut out the shape then pinned it to the second, outer sides facing each other, the cut out the second piece.

3. For the elastic string I used a hair tie and pinned it to the top corner with the big loop on the inside.

4. I sewed along the edges but left about three inches open so I could flip it inside out. Then hand stitched the hole shut.

5. Next I hand stitched the bottom three flaps together. I would recommend ironing the folds in the fabric before doing this step to make it easier on yourself.

6. When sewing on the button make sure the elastic string will be able to reach it. Then sew.

Then you're done!

I love this little thing! You can always change the measurements to fit a Kindle or Tablet etc etc. I don't actually own an iPad but I made this for my boyfriend so he could have something to store his iPad in while traveling and such! Have a great day!

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