Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Funtime!

Miss Heather and I love exploring our cities for free summer activities. There's just something about summer that encourages you to try new things and get out of the house and same old routine.
That being said I thought I would share some free (or mostly free) summertime activities that we have done together throughout the years!

1) Outdoor Concerts
 Every city, no matter how small, offers a summertime concert series at a local park or venue. These are excellent opportunities to rally up some friends, grab a few beers and listen to some free music. The bands might not always be excellent but it's always a good time. 
*Plus, a few drinks in and you won't be able to tell! *

2) Try A New Workout Routine
Summer is the perfect opportunity to try new things and why not start with your exercise routine. Working out can get boring so try searching online for gyms that offer a free "first try" class.
For instance, Miss Heather and I did a Bar Pilates class this summer and just last night my friends, Ellen and Bosch, and I took a kickboxing class and it kicked our butts!
Ellen and Bosch getting ready! Hah!
Just an FYI, TITLE Boxing Club offers a free "first try" class and that's why we went!

3) Do A Craft
 Maybe we are just weird but Miss Heather and I (and most of our girl friends) love to get together on any given night and do a craft. Most of us have a wide variety of crafting supplies so we mostly only have to purchase one or two things. Just recently, we've made bracelets and drink koozies (post to come!). Next, I want to try hair chalking!

4) Have a Picnic 
 Gather up a couple of friends or make it a romantic date and head to your local park with a basket of yummy food! Simple, but fun!

5) Hold A Film Festival 
Now, this one requires more planning than the other ones but I have a close friend who puts on a film festival every summer. She has all of her friends and friends-of-friends submit homemade videos and then invites everyone over for a screening. Doesn't that sounds awesome?

6) Go Watch Some Sports
I'm not really a sports fan myself but there's just something about it in the summertime. I really enjoy going to Cardinals games in the summer! Maybe, it's just all the junk food I get to eat while other people are exercising. There's just something about it, ya know?   

7) See A Play or Musical
 Here in St.Louis we have a couple of free options in this department. We have "Shakespeare in the Park" where a Shakespeare company puts on one play and performs it in the park. Best part, it's totally free to sit and watch! Most people bring a picnic dinner and make an evening of it! The second option is our outdoor venue, The Muny, which puts on various plays during the summer. They offer free seats towards the very top but you can also purchase tickets for as low as  $10 and this year "Aladdin" is coming! Yay!

8) Hold A Bonfire
 Our friends love to have bonfires and since most of us have fire-pits in our backyards, it's perfect summer night activity. All this requires is some friends, some food and drinks!

9) Hit Up A Craft Fair
I absolutely LOVE craft fairs and during the summertime there are hundreds of them! I suggest just going to your city's webpage and searching under "events" to find out where the nearest craft fair would be. I could seriously spend hours at a craft fair...hours.

10) Lay Outside
 Grab that sunscreen, towel and beach read and head outdoors. Whether you're at a pool, the beach, a tropical island or in your backyard, feet in a kiddie pool, laying out is all you really wanna do in the summertime anyways. Best part? It's totally free. 

Lovely readers, do you have anything you'd like to add our "Summer Funtime" list? Let us know and leave us a comment below!

-Miss Mel and Miss Heather

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