Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DIY: Crossbody Purse

Hey I made a crossbody purse and here's how I did it!

Supplies I used:
Fabric (jean, cotton, and some liner)
Wooden beads
Embroidery needle

1. Measure how big you want the purse to be then  sew them outside sides facing each other, making sure to leave the top open. 
2. Next step is to make the strap for the purse. I took about 8 pieces of yarn as long as I wanted the shoulder strap to be and fishtail braided them, occasionally throwing on wooden beads.
I found the best way to weave the beads onto the yarn was using a bobby-pin.

3. You will take the two piece of fabric you sewed separately and fold them into each other, the inside sides of fabric facing each other with the outside fabric on the inside. You will fold over about an inch over the edge so the outside fabric is seen. Pin the ends of your yarn shoulder straps to either end then sew around the fold. I went over the fold twice.
After sewing you'll need to add the clasp, in an area where the jean flap will cover it.

4. Next you'll measure from side to side to see how wide your flap should be then cut out the size you want in the jean fabric. You will also need to cut out the same size in the fabric you used for you liner. Pin those together, outside sides facing each other and sew three of the sides, leaving the top open. Add your magnetic clasp through the lining.

5. You'll need to sew the top (unsewn) part to the isde of the purse so that it hangs over the front

6. To add a little more color, I embroidered a few circles around where I put the magnetic clasp ont he jean flap.

Then you're done!

I made my purse just big enough to carry the essentials like my phone, keys, wallet and headphones. I love purses I can just throw over my shoulder! 

-Miss Mel and Miss Heather

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