Friday, June 22, 2012

DIY: Koozies

Today is a glorious day! 
Why's that you ask? 
Because I'm leaving for Florida with Miss Heather and I's good friends, Ellen and Bosch. 
*I wish Miss Heather was coming but, alas, it wasn't possible!*
Anyways, since we are crazy crafters we decided to make our own koozies for the trip! 

Our finished project!
From left to right: Ellen's, Miss Mel's, Annie's and Bosch's koozies!

Here's how we made them. 
(I apologize for the picture quality! We were working outside and it was getting dark fast!)

*Feel free to use all listed below or to pick and choose your favorite items!*
Plain foam koozies found at Hobby Lobby, the Dollar Store or Wal-Mart
Colored foam sheets
Foam letters
Hot Glue Gun
Modge Podge

Step One
Take your koozie and select either to cover it with a colored foam sheet or cloth. 
Use either the hot glue gun or Modge Podge to stick it to the koozie. 
The reason I say use either the hot glue gun or Modge Podge is because we each had a different method of assembling our koozies. 
 I personally found that using the Modge Podge worked better with the cloth and using the hot glue gun worked better with the foam sheets. 
*Be careful though because we found that the hot glue gun was slightly melting the foam!*

Step Two
Take a piece of ribbon and hot glue it around the top of your koozie to give it a finished look. 

Step Three
Add any other embellishments you choose! Such as, adding a foam letter with gems, hot gluing down a bow, placing gems on the back, whatever you want!

Step Four
Show off your work!
Notice that Annie's (third from the left) has gems on the back to look like buttons! Super cute!

Ellen's and Miss Mel's

I can't wait to use mine!

-Miss Mel and Miss Heather

I made one for Miss Heather yesterday that she can have when we are reunited in the next couple of weeks!

Did you know that woozies a.k.a. wine koozies were a thing? Hah!


Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

How cool are these!

Anonymous said...

Good ide for me to help my Grandsons to make for Mom Dad!

Lucy Carter said...

These are very nice looking koozies. Looking forward to have some of these products.
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