Thursday, March 8, 2012

DIY: Framed Quote

For Miss Heather's birthday, I made her what I like to call, "a framed quote". This project was definitely time consuming but I think it turned out great and Miss Heather loved it!

To create my framed quote you will need the following;
A canvas of whatever size you choose
Wooden letters to spell out your quote
Decorative Wooden Frame
*I found mine at Michael's for $6.99*
Scrapbook paper

1)You will need to decide what quote, phrase or saying you want on display. For Miss Heather's I chose a Stars lyric from their song, "Reunion". So mine would say, "I just want one more chance to be young and wild and free".

2) You will need to decide what your color scheme will be. I chose to do a brown for the frame, a dark blue for the canvas and four different patterns of scrapbook paper for the letters. 

3) Then you will need to go ahead and paint your frame whatever color you chose.

4)While your paint is drying, you can begin to ModPodge the letters with the scrapbook paper. 
Don't get discouraged! This is the most time-consuming part because you have to cut and paste the scrapbook paper to the letters. Since the letters are not just straight pieces of wood, it can take up to fifteen minutes just to complete one. Make sure you also paint a thin layer of ModPodge over your scrapbook letter to give it a glossy shine and to help the scrapbook paper stay on.

5)You will need to ModPodge you canvas with the scrapbook you choose. Try and make sure to have as little creases as possible and make sure to cover the sides of the canvas. 


6)Once your canvas has been covered, it's time to ModPodge your wooden frame to the canvas. 

7)After your wooden frame is secure, you may begin to line up all your completed letters on your canvas. I suggest laying them out WITHOUT ModPodge first, to make sure everything is correct and fits properly. 

8)ModPodge all your wooden letters to your framed canvas. 

9)Attach a hanging wire to the back

10)Place your finished framed quote wherever you see fit!

I hope you enjoy working on your own framed quote!

-Miss Mel and Miss Heather

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