Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Do or Don't: Twitter

Do you tweet?

A couple of months ago I got a Twitter account and this weekend I finally convinced Miss Heather to get one of her own.
 When I first got my Twitter account I was a little skeptical, I had no idea how it worked or why I would even bother. However, once I got the hang of "hashtagging" and using my "@" symbol, I realized that it's fun! Now, I have found myself becoming more and more addicted to checking my Twitter and writing Tweets.
Interesting. Twitter VS Time

 I like to pretend that it really does keep me more "informed" by following Anderson Cooper and CNN when, really I'm just learning about what who wore what on the red carpet thanks to E! Online and following all my favorite Real Housewives

So, I wanted to know, do you Tweet? 
Miss Heather and I would love to follow you if you do!
Leave your Twitter name in a comment!
You can follow Miss Mel by clicking here and you can follow Miss Heather by clicking here.

-Miss Mel and Miss Heather

p.s. #TwitterIsFunAndNoI'mNotTryingToShamelesslyPlugOurblogHehe


Joe said...

Mel, I just discovered that #TwitterIsFunAndNoI'mNotTryingToShamelesslyPlugOurblogHehe is trending...

Miss Mel said...

Haha! It should be!