Friday, March 9, 2012

The Versatile Vera!

This past weekend my home was invaded by three girls for my birthday. Once everyone had unloaded the contents of their cars I noticed an abundance of paisley in my room. Vera Bradley had taken my room hostage! I mean it honestly looked like a Vera Bradley advertisement! There were duffel bags, totes, make-up bags, wristlets, and even a glasses case! I would say we have a problem but really if you have a problem with Vera Bradley then you have a problem with me. Not that I'm threatening anyone or anything like that...
 Miss Mel and I have learned after many traveling expeditions, it's one of the best travel companions. One reason would be that they offer many different sizes and shapes in their traveling collection. Another reason they're a great companion is that they're so soft! That quilted fabric doubles as a pillow if you need a quick power nap at the airport.
Along with duffels, wristlets and handbags Vera Bradley offers a ton of cute office items and accessories. This case is a great way to jazz up your iPad along with these adorbs laptop skins. If organizing your desk is your next task look no further, they make organization pretty and colorful.

Vera Bradley covers any need you could possibly have except actual clothing but hey they've started with swimsuit cover-ups, give them a little time and they'll get there. I know I would purchase a pair of Paisley socks in a heart beat! The duffel bag was on my wish list and Miss Mel gifted me that this christmas, now I've got my heart set on the Mini Hipster! What's on your Vera wishlist? Let us know!

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