Saturday, March 3, 2012

Have a fun weekend!

Hey readers! What are your plans for this weekend? I think Miss Heather and I are ready for a low-key weekend at home. It's been a crazy couple of weeks!

Here are some posts from around the web to entertain you while lounging around. 

Trip to Paris anyone?

Have you heard this song? It's lovely.

I found this video via Rockstar Diaries and it's illustrating the wonderful world of Kate Spade NY. Which, is my mom's style icon in case you were wondering....It's so magical!

Our friend, Ellen, made this hilarious list of "Lessons I Learned Over Heather's Birthday Weekend".
 1) A beret is an important item to pack on any trip. *Forget being able to see, that isn't important at all.* 
(Ellen forgot her glasses/contacts but managed to pack a beret.)
2) I need to write a strongly worded letter to Wendy's about how they need to reopen their location by our houses.
3) If you use the words rodeo and dragons in the same sentence it doesn't really make sense. 
*You will be mocked for dressing like you're going to the rodeo even though it was not intentional.*
4) No one wants to sleep with John Rainbow. (Heather's turtle who's real name is John Rambo.)
5) Bunny wrangler is my great new career path. *My parents are gonna love it.*
6) The world is gonna love the new trend "sassy chic". *It does not make you look like a raccoon.*
7) Never go out in public when your driving the Struggle Bus because you'll end up driving it off a cliff.
8) Telling someone you will set them on fire really motivates them to do what you want.
9) The locals in Springfield are FREAKS!
10) Putting chalk in your hair makes it a funny texture. (Heather and I tried "hair chalking" and it failed...miserably.)
11) You should stay away from Mexican restaurants on Saturdays because they will not seat you and will not get your order right.
12) Don't tell people your hair is fake.
13) Don't take your hair out in public.
14) If you do end up taking your hair out in public don't hold it in your had the rest of the night.
15) If you do end up taking out your hair and carrying it around definitely don't start talking to it.
(Lessons 12-15 are in reference in our Hair.Do extensions)

So, I know this is a jumpsuit but...damn girl. 

These pools look like heaven. However, I think I would be a little frightened!

Have you ever brought out a Big Ass Purse?

-Miss Mel and Miss Heather

p.s. Don't forget to go see The Lorax this weekend! Check out my movie review on it to find out more information!

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