Thursday, March 1, 2012

DIY: Wine Labels

For Miss Heather's birthday our good friend, Ellen, and I decided to make wine labels to put a personal (and hilarious) touch on a drink we all know and love.
Yes, I'm talking about "Two-Buck Chuck" or Charles Shaw wine from Trader Joe's.
 It's $2.99 and it tastes wonderful, what's not to love? 
Ellen made some templates on her computer and added some catchy phrases and pictures of Miss Heather. The next step was to print them off and then ModPodge the labels onto the wine bottles.
She did this in the car on our three hour drive down to Springfield,MO! 
The labels definitely added a fun aspect to the bottles and it's something Miss Heather can keep for years to come! I think these would be a great idea to bring to a party, birthday, wedding or just night out with the girls!
Charles Shaw with the original label.
The finished product!

"Meowww Happy Birthday Pretty Kitty"

"I'm Ready To Party!"

"Heather is 22-And aging like a fine wine."

"Let's Celebrate, Cheers to Drunken Fun!"

"Don't Mess With the Birthday Girl!"
 Hope you enjoy making your own labels!

-Miss Mel and Miss Heather

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